• Our own range of planters, or bespoke custom planters.

  • Consultation and design of your space.

  • Expert advice on planters and plants to suit the light and environment in your space to ensure longevity and ease of maintenance.

  • Adding plants to achieve the scientifically proven results of improved are quality.


Once the design aspects are solidified, our expert installation team will set everything in motion for you and then confirm a date to complete the installation.


Maintenance Options:

The care we take with your space extends past installation; we also offer on-going plant maintenance.


We don’t want any plants dying on you, so therefore are offer both residential and commercial clients maintenance. 


Less things to worry about

  • Ensuring optimum levels of watering.

  • Monitoring and providing for the plants nutritional needs.

  • Insect and fungus control.

  • Pruning, trimming and cleaning foliage.

  • Re-potting and topping up of soil when needed.